Frequent Asked Questions

Can I email the foundation?

To request more information about Morogoro Support Foundation, please contact Henk de Boer:

Who benefits from my donation?

With your support, the Morogoro Support Foundation can implement structural changes that lead to better care in Tanzania and thus a higher life expectancy for the people. With your help we can sponsor courses, purchase materials, facilitate new construction and make improvements to current outdated buildings.

More importantly, the residents of Mikumi and surrounding villages have access to health care and health education, something that every citizen of the world should be able to count on.

To which bank account do I transfer money (one-time transfer)?

You can transfer your financial contribution to bank account NL25ABNA0513906207, in the name of Morogoro Support Foundation.

Are there examples of one-off donations?

An amount of € 3000 is sufficient to train a nurse pratitioner (four-year training including salary costs)

An amount of € 30, - will facilitate a mobile clinic visit to a village in a remote area.

How do I become a regular donor?

For Dutch taxes download a form here for a periodic donation in money from the tax authorities, print it out, complete it and send it (in duplicate!) To: Morogoro Support Foundation, Rijndijk 111, 2394 AE Hazerswoude. We will then complete and sign the agreement and you will receive a copy in return.

Note: Contact our Secretary if you require assistance with foreign tax authorities.

Can I arrange a direct debit?

For Dutch taxes download the payment authorization form from the Tax Authorities here , print it out, complete it and send it with the Periodic donation form. You only need to send one copy of this form to us.

Note: Contact our Secretary if you require assistance with foreign tax authorities.

Where can I find more information about the fiscal deductions for periodic payments?

For Dutch taxes authorities donations to ANBIs are tax-deductible if they exceed a certain amount (the total of all your donations must be at least 1% and may not exceed 10% of your gross income). An exception to this is a fixed periodic donation. A fixed periodic gift is 100% tax deductible for everyone, for the entire amount. With a periodic donation you annually donate a fixed amount, for a period of at least five years. Since the 1st of January 2014, you can register a periodic gift through a private donation agreement between you and the receiving ANBI (without the intervention of a civil-law notary). More information about donations to an ANBI and the tax authorities

Note: Contact our Secretary if you require assistance with foreign tax authorities.

Where can I find information for income tax returns?

For Dutch tax returns Companies and entrepreneurs can deduct tax from € 227, -. However, the deductible amount may not exceed 6% of the annual profit.

The Chamber of Commerce number of Morogoro Support Foundation is: 28077150 (RSIN: 806734735)

A transaction number only applies to an Agreement Periodic gift in cash, or a private contract, which is recorded without the intervention of a notary. From the 1st of January 2014 it is possible to register such a periodic gift agreement with us. The transaction number of that agreement is stated on the Periodical gift agreement, the original form will be retoured to you (the transaction number is above the RSIN number).

Note: if you are in possession of an annuity deed that has been drawn up by a civil-law notary, there is no transaction number.

Note: Contact our Secretary if you require assistance with foreign tax authorities.

How do I record a donation in my will?

For Dutch authorities a legacy is a certain amount that is left to a person or institution and is recorded in a will. If you want to commemorate the Morogoro Support Foundation Child Support Mikumi you can have this wish recorded in your will. You can choose to include the term free of duty in your will. This means that inheritance tax is paid out of the total estate and not by the transferee. For amounts lower than approximately € 8.284, - no inheritance tax is due (see bottom of this page). If the amount is higher, the Morogoro Support Foundation is obliged to pay 11% inheritance tax on the entire amount.

An inheritance is an appointment of a person or a legal entity to inherit the estate. If you designate the Morogoro Support Foundation as heir, you choose to leave her your property. An inheritance relates to your entire estate = total minus debts. If you remember the Morogoro Support Foundation in your will, we will share the balance of your estate with your other heirs. This after deduction of legacies and costs, such as inheritance tax. The foundation does not have to pay any inheritance tax up to an amount of approximately € 8,284 (see insert). With higher amounts the percentage of 11% applies again.

Legacies and inheritances are recorded in a will. Questions concerning a will can best be answered by a notary, who can also take your personal situation into account. A notary also has brochures about inheritance law.

Do you want to know more? Our secretariat can send you a standard deed for an annuity gift and give you the name of the notary who can pass the act at a greatly reduced rate.

What does '10trees' stand for?

Mikimu translated to English means ten trees. Kizito Hospital is located near Mikimu and is about a 1-hour drive from Morogoro. The foundation uses '' to bring the hospitals in that area to the attention of donors.

Who is on the board of the foundation?

Chairman: M. Visser, Chirurg
Treasurer: J.P. van Dorst, RA
Secretary: H.A. de Boer, technicus
Board member: S. de Jong, gebouwen Alrijne
Board member: O. Langezaal, oud chirurg
Board member: A. van der Lecq, Physician assistant ED
Board member: E. Leyten, Internist

The board receives no remuneration and the travel expenses to Tanzania are paid by themselves.

What is your privacy policy?

Please refer to the privacy policy on the Dutch FAQ.

Do you have a disclaimer?

Please refer to the disclaimer on the Dutch FAQ.