What we Do

Medical equipment

The foundation donates medical equipment and instruments, computers and medical materials that are difficult to obtain in Tanzania. Some of it comes from Alrijne Zorggroep; e.g. materials that no longer needed.

A new container with medical equipment is delivered.

Sustainable facilities

The foundation advises on sustainable use of energy & materials and also realizes this, such as concrete solutions for drinking water supply, sewage treatment and energy supply. Consider, for example, the cooling of medicines or the operating room through the purchase and installation of solar panels.

Solar panels installed to provide electricity.

Knowledge and Training

The foundation contributes to the training of doctors, nurses and laboratory staff, both financially and practically. The Morogoro Support Foundation subsidizes training to become a doctor or nurse. Medical teams from the Netherlands perform more complex operations in Tanzania at least once a year, while at the same time providing 'training on the job'. They also provide remote medical advice.

Emergency service personnel during a training session.


A number of outposts are controlled from the St. Kizito hospital. Morogoro Support Foundation regularly sends out specialists to develop and realize projects with new ideas and together with local groups.

An informal session where mothers and medical staff discuss health issues.


We initiate improvement of hospital care and facilities. In 2013, with our help, a new maternity hospital was opened and the operating theater and various nursing wards were modernized. Provision has also been made for the installation of improved sewerage, water pipes and lighting.