Welcome to 10Trees supporting St. Kizito Hospital and the Agnes Clinic

The foundation uses this website to ask for your support to improve healthcare at St. Kizito Hospital and Agnes Clinic in Morogoro Province, Tanzania. Read more about how we do that below.


T en beautiful trees near the St. Kizito hospital have served as inspiration for this website. 10 Trees is also what some call it. Mikimu is located near Kizito Hospital and is about an hour's drive from Morogoro. The foundation, officially called the Morogoro Support Foundation, can also be found at www.morogorosupportfoundation.nl . However, we use '10trees.org' to provide information about the hospitals in the area and share information. On our website you can discover more about Who we help , What we do and Who we are . Here you can also find information about the various projects of the foundation, as well as annual reports and financial information .

From time to time, the foundation holds fundraisers to raise money for projects needed for health care in the Morogoro area. The board takes the approach that 100% of every euro goes directly to the clinics and hospitals. Updates on this website, and Instagram are ways for people to see what the foundation is doing. You are also welcome to contact the board members directly if you have any questions. Please also see the FAQ section for policies and further information related to donations, such as inheritances or tax benefits.

Thanks to visits from the board and healthcare professionals from the Netherlands, work is not only being done on training courses, but also on projects for improvement. You can directly support these projects by making a donation or becoming a sponsor . Of course we also like to hear about new or different ideas, in that case please contact the board at alex@10trees.org .

Through our blog you can read about everything that happens in the foundation. Here you can find the annual reports, fundraisers and current projects. Travel reports and news items are also posted. So keep watching!

Thanks for your interest.