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  • Alex van der Lecq
  • Tanzania Mikumi
  • December 31, 2020
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In the Sint Kizito hospital, operations take place daily in two operating rooms. There is a small treatment room where minor procedures are performed, such as wound treatments and curettages for women with a miscarriage. In addition, in the nineties, with the support of the Morogoro Support Foundation, a large operating room was realized where larger operations take place. Often several caesarean sections are performed in one day. But also abdominal operations, inguinal hernia operations and the removal of tumors. The OR obviously plays a major role in treating large numbers of serious road casualties, which unfortunately occurs frequently in Tanzania. This “large” operating room is now in urgent need of renovation. A proper recovery room (recovery room) must be realized in order to meet the requirements of the Tanzanian government. Many equipment, such as an operating lamp, is no longer working. Often surgery is performed with sparing light such as a flashlight. In order to work as sterile as possible, the air conditioning must be replaced. At the moment there is no option for anesthesia and ventilation. There are trained nurse anesthetists in the hospital, but to date there is no ventilator. Currently, the operations are performed under local anesthesia or with the drug Ketamine. As a result, abdominal operations can be performed less safely and, for example, neck operations are not possible. Sterilization equipment for the instruments and operating theater sheets and clothing are indispensable for safe operation. Unfortunately, despite several repairs, the current equipment is no longer sound. A new sterilization device must be purchased for safe operation and to reduce the number of post-operative infections. The MSF would like to call on you for the expansion and replacement of necessary equipment and the structural adjustment of the operating room

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