Emergency Medicine & Global Health

Symposium September 28, 2023

On September 28, a fascinating, instructive and festive symposium took place in the monumental Pesthuis in Leiden on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Morogoro Support Foundation (MSF). The refresher course is intended for all colleagues (or doctors) with an interest in global health with a focus on emergency care with a particular focus on acquiring practical knowledge in the field of infectious diseases and surgery/traumatology.

The symposium will be opened by Royal Highness Princess Margerita de Bourbon de Parme .

Keynote speakers:

> Prof. dr. Michèle van Vugt, internist-infectiologist, professor Amsterdam UMC –  " A challenging duo: emergency care and the tropic"

>  Prof. Dr. Theo Wiggers, oncology surgeon, Medical Director and co-founder Incision - “ Learning and training of essential surgeries in “low and middle income countries” 

>  Prof. Dr. Andre van der Ven, internist-infectiologist, emiritus professor Radboud UMC -  “Sustainable cooperation between academic hospitals in Tanzania and in the Netherlands”

>  Belia Klaassen, tropical doctor and GP, Medical Doctor at IST Clinic Dar es Salaam Tanzania - ““The Ebola outbreak: prevention and personal experiences"

> Dr. Anna H.E. Roukens internist-infectiologist LUMC – Vaccinations to and in the tropics, an update"

> Prof. Dr. Jaap Bonjer, surgeon, professor surgery Amsterdam UMC and CEO Amsterdam Skills Centre – “The future of surgical eduction from a global prespective”

> Dr. Eliane M.S. Leyten, internist-infectiologist HMC – ‘HIV; what anyone on an Emergency Department should know about it"

> Prof. Dr. Wilco C. Peul, neurosurgeon, professor neurosurgery LUMC -“Neurosurgical training in Tanzania”

> Dr. Martijn P. Bauer, internist-infectiologist LUMC - “Undifferentiated fever from/in the tropics: what to do?”


Outbreak Sessions:
· Mass casualty WHO – Silvia Topper, forensic nurse, consultant ZIROP LUMC
HIV: What every doctor and nurse should know about HIV - Eliane MS Leyten, internist-infectiologist HMC
· Casting course by Essity – Eric Bruns, field sales manager Casting & Bandaging
· Suture course – Jorn P. Meekel, AIOS Surgery ZMC, co-founder MLX ea
· Toxicology – Nicole Kraaijvanger, emergency physician LUMC, member and instructor of the toxicology section of NVSHA
· Tropical diseases – Marthe Hofman, Tropical doctor, ER doctor LUMC

Parallel program:
* Nature in Tanzania – Aart van den Bos, Verbos business development
* the Green Hospital in Africa – Simke de Jong, Manager Housing & Technology Alrijne

ABAN and NAPA accreditation has been rewarded for 5 CME points and is valid for all BIG registreert professionals. Valid for GP's, tropical doctors, internists, surgeons, emerges doctors, nurses, AVP's, PA's etc etc 

If you have any questions about the symposium, please send an email to alex@10trees.org . The costs for participation in the symposium are EUR 300 if you register before August 15, 2023. There is a special student fee (provable student) of EUR 100.

To register, click on the following LINK (or button below) and make a payment.

The proceeds of the symposium will entirely benefit the furnishing of the new emergency department of the St. Kizito Hospital.

The MSF Foundation was established from the Alrijne Hospital to support the St. Kizito Hospital in Mikumi and the St. Agnes Dispensary in Lugono, both in rural Tanzania. The objective of the MSF is support and sponsorship in the broadest sense of the word, but mainly concerns the exchange of knowledge and the stimulation and financing of education. But support and knowledge are also provided in the field of improving infrastructure, with sustainability in mind (for example, construction of an operating room, obstetrics clinic, solar energy, water supply and purification).

The construction of a new emergency department for St. Kizito Hospital is currently underway. This is very much needed given the fact that the hospital often has to deal with large numbers of serious road casualties. This is due to its location on the main road to Zambia and the dangerous traffic situation on site. You can donate via our blog post, where you can also follow the progress of the project.

After the symposium, the celebration of the 25th anniversary will take place. Participants in the symposium are very welcome. During the afternoon part, attention will be paid to both project hospitals, including an overview of the history in which both chairmen of the board, Sr. Antusa and Sr. Restituta will talk about the situation on the ground and the importance of support and cooperation. Read more about the Jubilee Meeting here.

We hope for your enthusiastic participation!

The organizing committee,

Dr. Michel Visser, surgeon, chairman of the jubilee committee
Alex van der Lecq, M-PA, physician assistant Acute Medicine
Dr. Eliane Leyten, internist-infectiologist
Dr. Jorn Meekel, AIOS Surgery
drs. Saskia Wesseling, clinical engineer
drs. Yvonne Wilders, chairman of the board Alrijne Hospital Leiderdorp


Jubilee meeting, after Symposium

For 30 years, volunteers from the Netherlands have been helping the St. Kizito hospital in Mikumi (Tanzania) with medical aid, training for local employees, paying for staff training and improving the infrastructure (sewage, clean water, solar panels for power supply). The MSF Foundation was established for this purpose 25 years ago. We will mark the 25th anniversary in the light of the design of the new Emergency Department (A&E) that is being built at St. Kizito. Many accidents happen on the high road that passes by Mikumi. A new A&E building with a small Intensive Care Unit must ensure that they can properly care for those victims. Read our blog post to follow the progress of the project.

On September 28, 2023 we celebrated the 25th anniversary in the Pesthuis in Leiden with a varied program of speakers, music and dance in the presence of Sr. Antusa and Sr. Restituta. The day was concluded with an African drink and with an African dance workshop.

Your help in the form of a donation for the establishment of the emergency room is very much appreciated.