Who We Are

We provide care via short lines, without the intervention of third parties, with guaranteed efficient use of resources.

"outreach" review for mother and child


The Morogoro Support Foundation was established in 1998. By bringing together employees and doctors of the Alrijne Zorggroep (formerly Rijnland Hospital) in Leiderdorp, the Atrium in Heerlen and other volunteers, the foundation makes a structural contribution to the improvement of medical care in the Morogoro province, Tanzania.

The foundation also arranges campaigns in the Netherlands to raise awareness of medical care in Tanzania. By bringing together people, ideas, funds, materials and knowledge, the foundation facilitates projects with people from the villages in Tanzania.

Removing stitches at the outpatient


Contributing to improving medical care in Tanzania's Morogoro Province, in particular for St. Kizito Hospital, Mikumi and St. Agnes Clinic, Lugono. The foundation strives to achieve this goal by:

  1. Stimulating a relationship between the people in Tanzania and various hospitals in the Netherlands.
  2. Providing material and immaterial support.
  3. Exchange of doctors, nurses, medical support and technical staff and volunteers.

The administration


Deployed doctors and nurses share their knowledge with local stakeholders. Outrieach takes place about twice a year. Both employees and doctors work with great enthusiasm on:

  1. hands-on training while performing more complex procedures
  2. support in improving hygiene
  3. assist in the development of protocols
  4. respond to the needs of professionals in Tanzania.

Upon their return, they share their experiences with colleagues in the Netherlands and promote understanding and insight into the situation in Tanzania.

The Workspace