Annual report 2020


I n 2020, the board consisted of the following members: M. Visser, vice-chairman, H. de Boer, secretary, treasurer vacancy, E. Leyten, A. vd Lecq, S. de Jong and O. Langezaal. In 2020, the MSF only met twice due to corona. Also, no people have traveled to Tanzania from MSF. The trip booked by Henk de Boer and Harry Borst for the period May-June had expired due to corona and was converted into a voucher. However, there has been regular mail and whats-app traffic. In the period 2019-2020, 2 employees of the St. Kizito hospital and 5 private persons have followed training from MSF: 1. Jozephina Kidayi, anesthetic 2. Hedwiga Tair, upgrading nurse 3. Speransia Bunga, clinical medicine via private sponsor 4. Mathias John, building Veta through private sponsor 5. Richard John , Pharmacy, through private sponsor 6. Jackson Muhanga, building Veta, through private sponsor 7. Christian Mteme, secondary school, private sponsor. In St. Kizito hospital, Mikumi, the corona contamination was minimal. However, the number of patients had declined. The new head of the hospital since January 2019, Sr. Antusa, was busy repairing the damage caused by the previous director and the hospital is starting to recover despite the fact that there are still a lot of debts. In Lugono, the dispensary works under the leadership of Sr. Refunds very good. The water pump on the solar system is still working satisfactorily. The lighting also worked again with the new batteries. But the St. Agnes clinic in Lugono also lacks sufficient funds.

audit committee checks the annual accounts 2019
Peter Aanhane, Peter Zoet and Sjaak Paardekoper