Annual Report 2019


B oard: in 2019, the board of the MSF consisted of: Michel Visser, interim chairman; Henk de Boer, secretary, treasurer vacancy; Oscar Langezaal, board member; Simke de Jong, board member; Alex vd Lecq board member ; Eliane Leijten, board member; Peter Aanhane, who works at the financial department in Alrijne, took care of the finances. The board only met 4 times in 2019 due to the busy work of various board members. There was, however, intensive mail and what's app traffic. The meetings were held at the Alrijne hospital, Houtlaan 55 in Leiden.

Situation St. Kizito hospital, Mikumi: In December 2018, Dr. Jozeph , head and ft. Banzi, administration, dismissed from their positions by the Bishop of Morogoro for mismanagement. The hospital was financially ruined, the staff was no longer motivated and the patients stayed away. In February 2019, Sr. Antusa appointed as head of the hospital. With the support of the bishop, MSF and other parties who contributed financially, she got the hospital back on track and everyone started enthusiastically again. The salaries have been paid, agreements have been made with taxes and the pension fund and the patients have returned in the course of 2019. The hospital is still in debt. In June a new X-ray machine was delivered and installed by MSF. Since April 2017, the old device was defective and beyond repair. The X-ray room has been completely refurbished, the old equipment removed and the lighting repaired. In May, a 75 m3 container, sent by MSF, arrived in Mikumi containing the new X-ray machine and many other materials that were unnecessary in Alrijne. However, the costs for shipping a container are increasing due to higher import duties and port costs, so that this will become very difficult in the future. MSF paid for the 1-year anaestethic training for Jozephina Kidayi and for Hedwiga Tairo a training as a midwife. In October there was a short circuit in the switch room, which injured the electrical engineer and also turned off the water supply. This has been provisionally restored.

In November, a team led by Michel Visser went to St. Kizito for 16 days to operate and improve medical care. A plan has been made to further support various departments: eye department, Amadeo X-ray machine dentist, trauma and the operating room. Situation St. Agnes clinic in Lugono: At the beginning of 2019, the clinic was in danger of running out of water. The well hardly gave any water and the rain tanks were empty. The solar inverter was also burnt due to the pump running dry. With the help of the Imelda Nolet foundation and MSF, a new well was drilled with a depth of 100 m instead of the old one which was 50 m deep. A new, heavier pump has also been installed and 6 extra solar panels have been installed. After that there was enough water again and it can run on solar energy or rainwater almost all year round. The clinic is increasingly visited and every Saturday a radiographer comes to do research with the available echo device.

Executed projects:

Mikumi, St Kizito hospital:
- Amadeo x-ray machine mounted and x-ray room renovated.
- 75 m3 container sent and unloaded in Mikumi with various equipment and clothing.
- Replace gutter above pharmacy.
- Mosquito nets installed above 80 beds.
- Performed various operations.

Lugono, St. Agnes clinic:
- New well drilled with a new pump and additional solar panels.
- 2nd container placed as storage space.

Various repairs carried out from the inspection report: including fencing around afterbirth pit.

Melela, training for Mgolole sisters :
- Water pump started up on solar energy
- Lighting in the central areas connected to emergency power.

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