Electronic Patient System


T he patient file in St. Kizito consists of a paper version that goes with the patient. The hospital is holding a carbon breakdown. They are stored centrally. As a result, it is not possible to view the file in all places and there is a lot of work to collect the files when patients come to the outpatient clinic.

St. Kizito also still does the administration almost entirely on paper. As a result, it is not yet possible to invoice electronically, while this is the requirement of the Tanzanian government. In the summer of 2023, St. Kizito will have to switch to a new Electronic Patient System, so that they can send declarations for the care they have provided. The E-health system GPITG has been chosen.

The infrastructure (electricity and network cables) to be able to work with an EPD has been installed (phase 1). Now the computers must be purchased to work with and the employees must be trained in the use of the computers (phase 2). Then the EPD is installed (phase 3).

The current administration

Donor to this project

Help has been requested from the Netherlands for the project. The budget of the project is:


1. Installation of cable network (already completed)   EUR 4,000
2. Purchase 20 computers EUR 9,640  
  Purchase server EUR 3,210  
      EUR 12,850
3. Computer program EUR 1,600  
  Maintenance per month EUR 400    
  Connection X ray per month EUR 140    
  Costs for 1 year EUR 6,600  
      EUR 8,200