Help us improve health care in the Morogoro province of Tanzania. With your support, local surgeons and nurses are trained and the facilities in two hospitals will be improved and expanded.

With your donation you will help to acquire a higher quality of care at the St. Kizito hospital and the St. Agnes clinic. With your help we can directly support the medical care to 120,000 citizens and help to provide professional care.

Who we help

What We Do

We bring people, ideas and materials together for structural changes that contribute to better medical care for the people of Tanzania.

Among other things we supply, medical equipment and instruments, computers and medical materials that are difficult to obtain in Tanzania.

We advise and implement concrete solutions for drinking water supply, sewage treatment and energy supply, for example to be used for the cooling of medication. We also take care of the purchase and installation of solar panels and the purchase and maintenance of tools.

We contribute to the training of doctors, nurses and laboratory staff, both financially and practically. The Morogoro Support Foundation subsidizes training to become a practicing doctor or nurse. Medical teams from the Netherlands travel to Tanzania at least once a year to carry out more complex operations that also serve as 'training on the job'. Next to this the Dutch teams also give medical advice at a distance.

A number of outposts are controlled from the St. Kizito hospital. The Morogoro Support Foundation regularly sends specialists to develop and realize new projects together with local groups.

We initiate improvement of hospital care and facilities. In 2013 a new maternity clinic was opened and the operating room and various nursing departments were modernized. The installation of improved sewerage, water pipes and lighting has also been realized.


With your financial contribution you will help support improvement of healthcare in a large area, and for 120,000 Tanzanian citizens. With your help the St Kizito hospital in Mikumi and the St. Agnes clinic in Lugono will be able to realize this goal.

Your contribution will not only benefit acute medical care. The residents of Mikumi and surrounding villages will gain access to good health education, which in our opinion every citizen of the world should be able to count on.

Support us and the people in the province of Morogoro, Tanzania.

Support us with a direct iDEAL or bank transfer . Or donate on a project or support a promotion.

About Us

We provide care via short lines, without the intervention of third parties, with guaranteed efficient use of all resources.

“outreach” checkup on mother and daughter


The Morogoro Support Foundation was established in 1998. By bringing together employees and physicians from the Alrijne Zorggroep (vh Rijnland Hospital) in Leiderdorp, the Atrium in Heerlen and other volunteers, the foundation makes a structural contribution to the improvement of medical care in the Morogoro province, Tanzania.

The foundation also organizes campaigns in the Netherlands to create awareness of the need for medical care in Tanzania. By bringing together people, ideas, funds, materials and knowledge, the foundation facilitates projects in collaboration with the local residents.

Remove stitches at outpatient clinic


Making a contribution to the improvement of medical care in the Morogoro province in Tanzania, in particular for St. Kizito Hospital, Mikumi and the St. Agnes clinic, Lugono. The foundation strives to achieve this goal by:

  1. Stimulating a relationship between inhabitants of Tanzania and various hospitals in the Netherlands.
  2. Providing material and immaterial support.
  3. The exchange of doctors, nurses, medical support and technical personnel and volunteers.

The Office


Our doctors and nurses go to share their knowledge with the locals about twice a year. Both local employees and doctors work with great enthusiasm on:

  1. practical training toward the execution of more complex procedures
  2. support in improving hygiene
  3. help with the development and implantation of protocols
  4. response to the need/request of the professionals in Tanzania.

On their return they share their experiences with colleagues in the Netherlands and stimulate understanding and insight into the situation in Tanzania.

The Workspace


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Support us

The people of Tanzania need your and our support.

You can transfer your financial contribution to bank account NL25ABNA0513906207, in the name of Morogoro Support Foundation or via iDEAL. We can also help you with direct debit, tax advise for your donotion or help you become a sponsor. Please contact the Secretary by e-mail of bel +31 713414236. If you have ideas about further cooperation or a special gift, please contact a board member or e-mail


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